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This is embarrassing. I started this blog back in 2022 – made all of 2 posts and….stopped. Why? I didn’t see the point in starting a blog. Work got in the way. I started another blog (that I abandoned after a couple of months as well). Lots of reasons. Main one being I didn’t have a goal with the blog – at least not one I can remember in 2024.

So why am I back? I was doing a digital declutter and remembered I’d started this. I logged into WordPress (yes, I use WordPress) and saw that I had listed out a bunch of draft posts I could add to the blog. And they were actually some good ideas. I just never got around to it.

Like this one – “Overcoming the Inertia to Start” – pretty ironic, huh.

I’d say the best way to start is don’t overthink it. Just get out there and start writing. Of course, it helps that this blog is just out there, completey anonymous – not likely anyone would even find it. Its easy to just start writing when you’re not second guessing what your friends, family or co-workers are thinking of what you put out there. So maybe that’s one way to overcome the inertia – start blogging on the downlow.

I had some notes in this draft from back in 2022 – “Fail faster” – I guess I meant to say something about its better to get to start putting your work out there sooner rather than later and testing the waters. If your approach fails, you’ve learned a valuable lesson and the sooner you get around to it, the better.

I also noted the “FBR Rule” – to get over writer’s block just give in to the notion that whatever you’re going to put out in the first draft is going to be “fast, bad and (w)rong”, but it doesn’t matter. You’ll fix it on your edits. The goal is to just start writing and let the words flow.

And there’s the 70% rule – you don’t have to get your blog to perfect to put it out there – get it to 70% and hit publish. Simple as that – after all “done is better than perfect” most of the time.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this blog – maybe I’ll repurpose it to document my journey in 2024 of actually mapping out my goals and hopefully accomplishing some of them. Maybe it will continue as a first-time blogger’s resource. Or maybe it will languish in the vast expanse of the internet (the last one being most likely).  In any case – here’s one more post before I end up forgetting this again. Maybe.